Alert Logic Chosen by Rosetta Stone to Help Ensure Regulatory Compliance

Alert Logic’s Log Manager and Threat Manager products help protect network and maintain compliance


HOUSTON, TX, JULY 15, 2009 —

Alert Logic, an award-winning provider of cloud-based IT compliance and security solutions, today announced that Rosetta Stone Inc. (NYSE:RST), a leading provider of technology-based language-learning solutions, has selected Alert Logic’s Threat Manager and Log Manager to help secure its network against threats and maintain compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Rosetta Stone offers an interactive solution that is acclaimed for its speed and power to unlock the natural language-learning ability in everyone. Available in more than 30 languages, the Rosetta Stone language-learning solution is used by schools, organizations and millions of individuals in over 150 countries throughout the world.

By selecting Alert Logic’s security and compliance solutions, Rosetta Stone is able to maintain the security and integrity of its corporate network and manage the critical log data in order to maintain compliance with the PCI DSS.

“I have been very impressed with Alert Logic’s Log Manager and Threat Manager products,” said Jay Topper, CIO of Rosetta Stone. “By utilizing their solutions, we are able to improve our security and compliance posture and at the same time reduce the resources that we have to dedicate to fulfill those needs.”

By implementing Alert Logic’s Log Manager product, Rosetta Stone is able to maintain PCI DSS compliance by automatically collecting, reviewing, and securely archiving critical log data. Because the data and reporting capabilities all reside in the cloud, Log Manager is easier to implement and manage than other solutions. Also, Log Manager’s automated review capability eliminates the need for manual review by automatically analyzing the company’s log data and escalating events that could negatively impact their compliance posture.

Alert Logic’s Threat Manager solution provides Rosetta Stone with a critical layer of network defense against threats that could bypass perimeter and endpoint defenses constantly protecting their internal network from viruses, worms, and other threats brought in by roaming laptops, VPN connections, wireless access points, and even “trusted” sources.

“Alert Logic’s Log Manager and Threat manager solutions provide Rosetta Stone with an improved security and compliance posture and help to reduce the resources needed to meet those needs,” said Michael Turner, Alert Logic president and CEO. “Our innovative SaaS delivery model means that Rosetta Stone was able to implement the solutions quickly and easily, and without the need to purchase or maintain the complex equipment associated with competing solutions.”