Bradford Networks to Rollout Managed Security Services with Select Partners to Automate Security Response Process for Safe Deployment of Mobile and IoT Endpoints

IDC estimates that security–related services will account for nearly 45% of worldwide security spending this year, and that managed services will represent the largest segment of spending, generating an estimated $13 billion in revenues in 2016. This increase in outsourcing opens up additional market opportunities, since traditional managed services platforms do not provide visibility, dynamic control and automated threat response for endpoints throughout the organization across multiple locations. Bradford Networks will now offer its Network Sentry product to select MSSPs to expand their security services to help achieve a comprehensive security posture for their customers. The MSSPs will now be able to offer a managed service that incorporates prevention, detection and response by leveraging Network Sentry’s integration with Firewall, Intrusion Prevention & Detection (IPS/IDS), Endpoint Security, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) solutions.

Bradford Networks will offer MSSP partners a license and package option that includes the Network Sentry product, virtual appliances, and product and deployment training. Network Sentry offers MSSPs full-featured endpoint visibility and control, a highly scalable threat response solution, subscription-based licensing packages that include support, and a solution that can be rapidly configured and deployed with customized security policies.

“As organizations struggle to find and retain skilled IT staff, more organizations are turning to MSSPs for a variety of services, from fully outsourced IT management to partial outsourcing, supplemental staff or to fill knowledge gaps in specific technologies,” stated Joe Celia, vice president of managed services and strategic alliances for Bradford Networks. He continued, “By partnering with MSSPs, we extend their security capability to endpoint management and automated threat response, filling what is currently a service gap for many MSSPs. This new program will enable MSSPs to expand their security service offers, and allow customers to benefit from leading endpoint and automated threat response on a subscription basis, without incurring any capital expenses, and at a lower cost than hiring and retaining in-house security staff for the same functions.”

Bradford Networks already has an experienced MSSP, VentureNet, as part of the MSSP licensing program. “Managed security services is our core business,” stated Shawn Nutting, chief operating officer at VentureNet. “We feel strongly that Network Sentry is critical to a successful engagement with our customers and Bradford Networks helps us provide our customer base with a secure environment.”

Nutting continued, “The greatest challenges facing our current managed security clients are ransomware and phishing schemes. This becomes especially challenging for our hospital clients where numerous unsecured devices access their network on a daily basis, and our education clients that handle large volumes of diverse devices. Network Sentry is critical for our customers’ endpoint security. It makes it easy to deal with unknown devices and still secure the network, while enabling end-users the freedom to use whatever device they prefer.”

Another nationally recognized security integrator and service provider, Carolina Advanced Digital, is making great strides to deliver the highest level of threat protection and response as a managed offering. “Our core business has always centered around the intersection of networking and security and now we are extending our reach by adding managed offerings to our security services. With a huge gap between the demand and availability of security professionals, and the rapid pace of changes in cyber security, Bradford Networks is playing a key role in our managed offerings. Simply put, you can’t secure what you can’t see, and Bradford Networks lets our clients see – and therefore control – every endpoint device” stated Jennifer Minella, vice president of engineering at Carolina Advanced Digital. “The new MSSP licensing allows us to readily offer full network visibility to our enterprise clients and with our engineering labs, we are doing custom integrations that further extend security intelligence into actionable data, allowing Network Sentry to take automated action and mitigate threats resulting from compromised and vulnerable endpoints.”

Bradford Networks’ Network Sentry works with the widest array of network security technologies in the industry, so it can work with a Managed Service Provider’s existing technology. It is designed to augment leading security, mobile management, and wired/wireless vendor solutions to provide complete and secure solutions for all endpoint devices. Network Sentry also supports compliance with PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other regulations.

About Bradford Networks

Bradford Networks is leading the transformation of network security by providing visibility, control and response to minimize the risk and impact of cyber threats. The company’s patented Network Sentry solution continuously assesses the risk of every user and endpoint, and automatically contains compromised devices that act as backdoors for cyber criminals. The company’s award-winning Network Sentry is used by more than 1000 enterprise companies worldwide across many market sectors, including financial institutions, government & defense, healthcare, education, logistics and transportation, media and entertainment, retail and hospitality, technology, utilities and many others. For more information, please visit

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