ForeSee Results Launches CS SessionReplay

Enabling companies to watch actual experiences of site visitors in order to get a deeper view of the online experience


ANN ARBOR, MI, MAY 6, 2009 —

ForeSee Results announced the launch of CS SessionReplay, a new tool that records what selected site visitors are seeing and doing on a website in a real-time movie format, including recording a user’s mouse clicks and movements, page scrolling, form entry, and all interactivity with a website.

Since 2001, ForeSee Results has used the proven, scientific methodology of the University of Michigan’s American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) to quantify how specific website changes will make browsers more likely to purchase, return to the site, recommend it, and engage in other behaviors related to share of wallet and loyalty.

The addition of CS SessionReplay to ForeSee Results’ suite of predictive customer satisfaction analytics enables companies to watch the actual experiences of selected site visitors in order to get a deeper view of the online experience without the artificial environment or expense of a usability lab.

“This product extension will incorporate a whole new dimension of analysis for our clients that raw data alone cannot provide,” said Drew Bennett, senior product director at ForeSee Results. “Our unique methodology identifies the sessions that are of most use and relevance; actually watching the session provides additional depth and color to understanding the user experience.”

ForeSee Results acquired the technology behind CS SessionReplay last fall from Nitobi, a Vancouver-based software development company. Since the acquisition, extensive product enhancements and improvements have continued at ForeSee Results in order to integrate the tool into the company’s existing platform while adhering to the strictest privacy and security standards.

“The impact of user session recording and playback on the field of web usability has been really exciting, but the way ForeSee Results has integrated it with the proven accuracy and predictive power of the ACSI is amazing,” said Andre Charland, co-founder and CEO of Nitobi, creator of the technology that ForeSee Results acquired and developed into CS SessionReplay. “It’s been a thrill to see some of Nitobi’s many R&D efforts applied in such an innovative way.”

The new technology acquisition is the latest in a string of innovations that ForeSee Results has developed in order to increase value and utility to companies struggling through a recession. The addition of CS SessionReplay to existing customer satisfaction analytics and usability services allows ForeSee Results to provide a single, unified platform which links recordings of visitor sessions, customer satisfaction scores and impacts, comments and feedback about a site, and third-party data, all in one place.