Interview with Amanda Lannert, CEO at Jellyvision

Effective employee communication and decision support are integral for all businesses today. Amanda Lannert, CEO at Jellyvision shares her insights on how the massive explosion of the HR Tech space is redefining the HR function, and provides solutions from employees’ financial decision making and  consumer healthcare to retirement policies and waste reduction. She outlines how organizations can leverage technology to implement benefits administration and healthcare plans.  Amanda also serves as the “Super Mentor” for Chicago incubators Impact Engine and TechStars, where she was named the Mentor of the Year. Mrs. Lannert is quick to laugh and enjoys a good cupcake.

In a sentence, what is Jellyvision and what’s it’s unique value proposition?

Jellyvision is the company behind ALEX, a software-as-a-service platform of interactive employee communication products that walks millions of employees through super-tricky life challenges by talking to them one-on-one in the most engaging, helpful, and human way possible.

Is yours a point solution or a suite? Why did you choose to build ALEX?

Even just a few years ago, ALEX was just one product: ALEX Benefits Counselor, our open enrollment decision support conversation, which helped employees understand their benefits and make smarter choices. Now,

ALEX is a platform of products  that helps people make smarter retirement, leave of absence, healthcare consumerism, and financial wellness decisions.

We’re not done yet, either—there’s plans for a lot more. From talking to our 1000+ customers and keeping an eye on the market, it’s clear there’s a real hunger for more effective employee communication and decision support  in all sorts of areas.  And we’re eager to take on the challenge.

What problems are you looking to solve in the HR space?

The short answer is: many, many problems…for HR teams, employees, and their bosses.

HR teams that offer ALEX are able to pare down or cut benefits meetings, spend less time answering the same questions and travelling, and rest assured that every employee is getting the same on-point information.

After using ALEX, employees feel less confused, appreciate their healthcare and tax savings benefits more, and choose them more wisely. And when employees start doing that, CFOs get really happy because the company wastes less money on the wrong plans, and often pays less money in payroll taxes. So it’s a triple-win.

What is your take on the massive explosion of HR Tech companies across so many categories? Salesforce as well is making inroads into the HR space. Do you see competition, opportunities to partner and/or integrate?

I think it’s in part the Workday/Zenefits effect. Workday showed modern SaaS companies can compete at the enterprise level, and Zenefits – no matter their prospects today – rocketed onto the scene and showed there’s a lot of money in disruption.

Also, spreadsheets are not a good way to run your business.  HR deserves the same on demand dashboards and data driven insights as Sales and Finance departments have to better run their businesses. 

We consider it the belated coming of age of HR tech.

Regulatory compliance is integral part of HR, how does ALEX address the same?

We take employee privacy very, very seriously. Yes, employees are asked questions about their health care needs and preferences to help ALEX provide the best possible advice.

But all information is stored in an identity-redacted manner and all data is encrypted to follow leading-edge best practices.

What questions are your buyers asking you? How is it impacting your product/solution roadmap? Are there any new features or upcoming upgrades that you’re excited about and would like to give us a sneak peek into?

They have limited time, resources and a very disparate populations to serve.

They ask us for data integration, vendor consolidation and unique ways to help reduce waste and confusion with respects to benefits and healthcare spending. 

They also want help with getting employees to finally, truly understand and appreciate their benefits.

Can you share a screenshot of smartphone’s homepage?? It would be interesting to see some of the apps you use on a daily basis to get things done and stay on top of your day.

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