Jama Software acquires Notion, a fellow Portland-based product-development tool maker

Geekwire – Portland’s Jama Software has snapped up some new business intelligence technology with the acquisition of Notion, in hopes of adding some additional expertise to its own systems management software products.

Terms of the deal involving crosstown startups were not disclosed, but the deal appears to have all the notions of an acquihire. Notion co-founder and CEO Dave Shanley will now report directly to Jama Software CEO Scott Roth, and the companies made sure to note that Notion’s entire five-person team will join Jama’s 150-person team.

Jama makes software that helps companies building complex consumer or industrial products that require both hardware and software expertise, with automotive manufacturers, aerospace companies, and medical-device makers among its customers. The company plans to use Notion’s business-intelligence dashboards as part of its overall product management platform, it said in a statement.

Notion built a series of dashboards that work with popular software development tools like Github and Atlassian’s JIRA and help software managers see specific data about product-development metrics as well as developer productivity metrics. As SaaS enterprise applications take over from custom or on-premises applications, data and metric reporting has become much more complicated when working with data from dozens of providers.

Jama has raised $33 million to date, with its last round coming in 2015. Madrona Venture Group, Trinity Ventures, and Updata Partners are among the investors in Jama, which announced in November a 73 percent increase in bookings during the first half of its fiscal year.

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