Jobs2Web Earns Top HR Product of the Year Award


Jobs2Web announced that its Recruiting Dashboard™ has been awarded one of Human Resource Executive® magazine’s 2009 Top HR Product of the Year Awards.

“We are honored to have received such a prestigious award from one of the industry’s top magazines. This award recognizes the hard work of the Jobs2Web team and their dedication to providing quality, innovative solutions that help employers cost‐effectively source and recruit qualified talent,” commented Doug Berg, Chief Recruiting Geek, Jobs2Web.  He continued, “Because of the explosion of new Web 2.0 technologies, and the economic pressures to derive ROI from recruiting strategies, the need for visibility into what online sources are driving the best results is critical. Having this information can help eliminate non‐productive spend and measure the new channels of recruiting that are evolving. Our Recruiting Dashboard gives employers this real‐time visibility into the results of their interactive recruiting efforts, maximizing their recruitment marketing efforts and eliminating non‐productive and expensive sources of talent.”

Traditionally, employers relied on applicants to identify the referring source – such as an employee referral, classified ad or job board ‐ during the apply process. Highly inaccurate, employers were left with limited data and anecdotal results to determine what was working in their recruiting strategies. While many employers have now started using basic Web analytics software (such as Google Analytics) to have some visibility to campaign success, these systems don’t tag every single applicant’s source into the applicant tracking system; tracking the results at a candidate level was the vital missing link.

Employers leveraging the Jobs2Web Recruitment Marketing Platform use the Recruiting Dashboard(sm) embedded in the Platform for a real‐time, accurate and full view of their interactive recruiting efforts such as cost per visitor, applicant, and ultimately their cost per hire for each source.

The Recruiting Dashboard also provides employers the ability to measure how many visitors, leads, and applicants they are getting from major social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter online.

“Winners were selected by our editorial team from a record number of entries,” said David Shadovitz, Editor‐in‐Chief, Human Resource Executive. “Jobs2Web’s Recruiting Dashboard clearly adds value to the HR profession. In our estimation, it is innovative, user‐friendly and delivers on what it promises.”

The editors of Human Resource Executive magazine spent hundreds of hours reviewing product demonstrations and conducting research in order to select their picks for the best HR products of the year. Products submitted for consideration were judged on innovation, user‐friendliness and the value they add to the HR profession.