OrderMotion and PivotLink Beat the Holiday Rush by Helping Online Retailers Improve Performance

SaaS Leaders Deliver New Insights with On-Demand Sales and Order Management Analytics Based on PivotLink and OMX



PivotLink, the leading provider of business intelligence (BI) solutions delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS), and OrderMotion, a leading provider of visual order management solutions for mid-market online merchants and direct response marketers, today announced a unique on-demand business analysis solution to help online retailers utilize their data to boost revenues and reduce operating costs this holiday season and throughout the year.

OrderMotion is integrating PivotLink’s market-leading SaaS BI solution with OMX, its industrial-strength order management platform that processes over $1 billion in commerce annually. The combined solution connects PivotLink’s secure, collaborative reports and dashboards with OMX to optimize the entire order life cycle, from order and payment processing to fulfillment and inventory management, campaign management and customer service. With this additional level of data analysis, OrderMotion’s customers gain real-time insight into their business to monitor its performance and effectively manage operations, marketing and merchandising.

The combined PivotLink and OMX solution helps retailers:

– Monitor sales trends for demand forecasting
– Measure the lifetime value of customers and continuity customers
– Determine what continuity plans are working and why
– Increase sales of the most profitable items by developing new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
– Roll out custom promotions targeting key segments of their customer base
– Identify issues with returns that were previously undetected
– Reduce costs by shaving excess inventory from warehouses and canceling unnecessary purchase orders
– Optimize inventory levels by spreading seasonal purchases more evenly

“PivotLink is the SaaS BI platform of choice for the world’s leading retailers who are using our solution to analyze massive volumes of data, improve the customer experience and collaborate with suppliers to increase profitability,” said Dyke Hensen, chief marketing officer at PivotLink. “Partnering with OrderMotion enables us to deliver a new level of visibility and control in the cloud with an order management analytics solution that is easy to use and extremely cost-effective.”

“Our customers needed accurate, up-to-date reports and dashboards to show how their business is really performing,” said Wendy LaHaye, vice president of product and professional services for OrderMotion. “By providing self-service access, PivotLink empowers them to do their own analysis and learn more about the underlying data. This is an enormous leap forward in driving measurable business value by allowing them to immediately detect and correct issues, seize opportunities and become more competitive.”

PivotLink’s on-demand reporting and analysis solution powers more than 1,300,000 ad hoc reports for over 15,000 business users each month, offering OrderMotion customers additional performance, flexibility and simplicity to make decisions in less time at a dramatically lower cost than traditional on-premise systems.

Lorna Bender, PivotLink’s vice president of channels and alliances, added, “The caliber of OEM partners standardizing on PivotLink underscores the power and flexibility our market-leading platform offers for business analytics. Companies incorporating PivotLink solutions extend the value of their offerings and bring new insights to customers and their partners.”

About PivotLink Corporation
PivotLink is the leader in on-demand business intelligence, serving more than 15,000 users at companies such as: REI; Novell; Party City; Phoenix Technologies; DHL; CamelBak Products; Car Toys; Guardian Home Care Holdings, Inc; Rossignol; Shaklee; Taleo and Zones. Delivered as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model, PivotLink’s award-winning solutions put affordable, secure and easy-to-use analytic tools into the hands of line of business users, freeing IT to focus on strategic business initiatives. PivotLink is a privately held company backed by Trident Capital, Emergence Capital Partners and StarVest Partners. Visit http://www.pivotlink.com.

About OrderMotion
OrderMotion is an award-winning technology company that offers visual order management solutions for mid-market specialty online merchants and direct response marketers. A pioneer in SaaS, OrderMotion has helped hundreds of companies strategically expand their industry presence over the past 10 years. Processing over one billion dollars in commerce annually, OrderMotion powers many of today’s most successful online merchants and direct response campaigns. Based in Boston, MA, OrderMotion is a privately held company. Visit www.OrderMotion.com.