RedVision Acquires Real Property Technologies

Union Accelerates Growth of the Largest Independent Provider of Real Property Information





RedVision, the leading independent real property research provider, acquired Real Property Technologies, LLC, parent company of Barretta Realty Skyline, leaders in New York State real property data. The move aims to create the largest independent provider of real property information – increasing national coverage 36%.

Barretta Realty Skyline — the leading independent provider of municipal, property tax and title research in New York State — will be merging production forces with RedVision

“We are very excited about this combination,” says Brian Twibell, CEO of RedVision, headquartered in Parsippany, N.J.. “It is RedVision’s continuing goal to be the best in class full national provider of real property information. Joining forces with Barretta Realty Skyline supports this goal. Although Barretta Realty Skyline and RedVision have separate histories, we have a shared common objective: to ensure absolute customer satisfaction,” Twibell continued.

Barretta Reality Skyline will continue to operate in the current New York locations under the name Barretta Realty Skyline, “A Division of RedVision”.

“Together, we are uniquely positioned as an independent supplier to provide the most comprehensive real property research solutions to the title industry,” says Sanford J. Bleich, Esq., CEO of Barretta Realty Skyline.

According to Twibell and Bleich, the combined company has the largest staff of skilled examiners and ahead-of-the-curve and customizable technologies that ensure accuracy with outstanding quality control standards, improved turnaround time with processing efficiencies, and the most comprehensive national real property relational database.

About Real Property Technologies
Real Property Technologies, LLC, is the leading resource for New York State real property data. The company is dedicated to retrieval of real-estate-related data paired with solutions customized to the various sectors of the real estate industry. Real Property Technologies’ company Barretta Realty Skyline has been the foremost source of New York State real property data with over 5.5 million title transactions to date. Thirty years of municipal, property tax and abstract service experience, Barretta Realty Skyline is the industry’s pioneer of comprehensive, quality real estate information.

About RedVision
RedVision is an independent provider of innovative Real Property Research solutions, combining experts and technology to improve service levels and the bottom line. RedVision serves users of title evidence looking for relevant and accurate information to make sound business decisions relating to real property transactions. The company’s unique approach combines a distributed services workflow platform, a vast title plant database, and well-trained service experts to provide accurate, cost effective, and timely real property research services for its banking, title, default and settlement service customers.

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